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We are the best SEO company in Bangladesh. The word “Number One, No. 1, or #1” is very special in marketing strategies. It shows the highest quality and superiority of a product or service over its competitors. So, the position of your website on the first page of the Google search engine is remembered and respected by everyone. And it goes without saying that search engine optimization is one of the most elite and powerful marketing strategies for your company. As the best SEO Company in Bangladesh, we have been providing long-lasting results for over 9 years and offering a wide range of SEO services at affordable prices.

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SEO Agency BD is Dedicated To Growing Your Business by Dominating Google by Ranking on Google Maps & Google Search in Your Local City and Country. Create a Massive Exposure for Your Businesses and Services, Resulting in More Traffic and Sale! We are the Best SEO company in Bangladesh with Proven Results!

SEO Friendly Website Design And Development

SEO web design is the creation of websites that are fully accessible and indexable by search engines.

SEO-friendly websites usually receive more traffic than websites that ignore search engines.

Of course you want to put your users first. But to get the most out of your website, you want to design and develop your website with users AND search engines.

SEO web design is a way to design and develop websites to make them search engine friendly. By making a website SEO-friendly, the search engines can efficiently search each page on the website, interpret the content effectively and index it in their database. Once indexed, they can then offer the most relevant and valuable web pages to their users based on the topics they are looking for. The better the SEO strategies and the more an SEO team is integrated into the web design process, the greater the chance of indexing and ranking on the first page of the search results.

Since of the billions of people who use search engines every day, less than 5% navigate the first page of Google SERPS, it’s important to design and develop an SEO-friendly website to increase organic traffic and earn first page rankings. .

SEO Friendly Website Design And Development

SEO Audit

SEO auditing is an important facet of a website when it comes to digital marketing. An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a site to assess the performance of on-page and off-page activities, identify site architecture-related issues, analyze backlinks & social media engagement, scan keyword density and duplicate content-related issues to investigate.

In simple terms, SEO audit is important for identifying your website’s strengths and weaknesses and potential for long-term success.

SEO Audit


In today’s competitive marketplace, SEO marketing is more important than ever.

Search engines serve millions of users every day looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.

If you have a website, blog or online store, SEO can help you get targeted, free traffic from search engines.

Search engine optimization is important because:

Most search engine users (more than 65%) are more likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions on the search results pages (SERPS). To take advantage of this and get visitors to your website or customers to your online store, your website must appear in one of the top positions.

SEO is not just about search engines, but good SEO methods improve the user experience and usability of a website.

Users rely on search engines and being present in the top positions for the keywords that the user is looking for increases the trust of the website.

SEO is good for the social promotion of your website. People who find your website by searching on Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels.

SEO is important for the proper functioning of a large website. Websites with more than one author can benefit directly and indirectly from SEO. Their direct benefit is an increase in traffic to search engines and their indirect benefit is to use a common framework (checklists) before content is published on the site.

SEO can give you a head start on the competition. If two websites sell the same, the search engine that optimized a website is likely to have more customers and more sales.



Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts and encourages every decision you make.

Keyword research is the practice of researching general, industry-specific terms and phrases that guide search traffic to search results pages. This is the proven first step in search engine optimization (SEO) for every website.

The purpose of conducting keyword research is to find words and phrases that users search on Google and other major search engines. These terms and conditions relate to the products and services on your site. Now, more than ever, keywords are increasingly focusing on the intention of the searcher. A lot of keyword research means you take the time to understand your audience and the questions they ask and then find ways to answer those questions in your content, using a combination of keywords and phrases.

By finding out what people are looking for, you are in a strong position to help them achieve their goals and yours.


On/Off SEO

Your search engine optimization strategy can be divided into two different categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are crucial to the success of an SEO campaign, but they are on very different sides when it comes to improving your search engine rankings. To understand the difference between the two, you must understand at a basic level how search engine algorithms work. Let’s break it down.

There are two main segments that search engines look at when evaluating your site compared to other sites on the web.

On-page SEO looks at what your site (or page) is about
Off-page SEO examines how authoritative and popular your site is

Simply put, what you rank is largely determined by On-page factors, while how high you rank in the search results is largely determined by Off-page factors.

On/Off SEO


SEO in the world will not only improve your conversion rate on location. SEO is about visibility and, hopefully, increasing traffic levels.

However, SEO can compliment and overlap your conversion optimization efforts in many ways, many of which are discussed in this article by Chris Goward of WiderFunnel:

SEO forces you to use correct header tags to keep things clear for both the search engine bots and the users. This organization must also help improve your conversion rates on location.

SEO says you should have clear and focused headings as opposed to buzzy-y or flashy headlines, which should also improve your onsite conversion.

SEO requires that you concentrate your web pages on a specific product or topic. Again, this should help your conversion rates because it keeps things organized on the spot.

If you focus on high-quality content (to get you links) for SEO reasons, it still helps you with conversion optimization (to get your customers) and vice versa.

Aspects such as loading time and how often you update your site for both SEO and conversion rates on location.


Why Select SEO Agency BD As Your Online Marketing Agency?

Promote Your Business, Achieve Long-term Growth and ROI with Our Internet Marketing Services

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SEO Agency Bangladesh has developed a systematic approach to growing business with leading search engines. Experience is key to growing your business through online marketing solutions. With over 5 years of experience as a leading provider of Internet marketing services for Bangladesh clients, we have a successful track record.

We are a local SEO specialist that will put you on the first page of Google!

SEO Agency Bangladesh is one of the best search engine optimization companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are customers throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Grow your business no matter where you are.

  • Increase online visibility through local SEO.
  • Use organic SEO to rank your website high on Google and other search engines.
  • Attract more customers on Facebook and other channels with social media marketing.
  • Grow your business through online reputation management services.
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