Best Directory Software Brilliant Directories Review 2019 (Updated)

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What is a Brilliant directory?

Brilliant Directories is a software service that allows you to design your own business directory website. This software was introduced in 2009 along with early ideas to allow companies to create their own directory sites.

While this idea was widely accepted, Brilliant Directories extended the software as a multi-purpose service, which served hundreds of thousands of businesses with customers of well-known organizations.

Brilliant Directories is a great tool for young entrepreneurs to plan for a start-up. The package’s easy-to-use tools and features have also gained popularity among web designers. There are too many suggestions to ignore because of the simple setup procedure and some intuitive website themes.

Brilliant Directories is the easiest website directory software. Here are some of the most popular ideas you can use to quickly grow and grow into a thriving Internet business using Brilliant Directories.

Local Business Directories:

Search for people and companies who have created phone book style sites. Members will be paid by the visitors of the website. Similar sites include Yelp, YellowPages, Manta and Yahoo Local.

Premium Access Website:

Require member login to protect premium or confidential content. Suitable for sites with the premium content area, paid membership registration and corporate intranet.

Business Review Website:

Suitable for all industries! Review websites are currently one of the most popular models for generating revenue. With a lot of investment to maintain an online reputation, advertisers attract business with visitors.

Websites by content:

Launch real estate sites like Zillow, event sites like EventBrite, or trade websites like RetailMeNot. With Brilliant Directories, you can create the exact type of website you need.

Community sites:

There are no communities that provide a central hub for members to gather. Popular community directories include church groups, alumni and trade unions.

Lead Generation Website:

Launches a website where visitors can submit projects and requests directly to the member network. Sell ​​and distribute these requests to the lead and watch the community grow!

Review of Briliant directory benefits

One of the biggest features of this software is ease of use. It is not necessary to have a technical specialist to set up the website. With the simple and intuitive design features provided, newcomers are enough.

You can put various colours, fonts, and layouts into your website design. Everything is possible with just a few clicks.

Recent social media marketing is so important that you can add links to social media pages on your home page via Brilliant Directories. As well as being integrated with social pages so you don’t miss out on marketing and social opportunities with your customers.

You can create customized membership packages for your customers. Collect monthly or yearly payments or make them free. Brilliant Directories offers all options. You can search for members and view payments and email records through the Member Manager. To simplify the work, you can move the CSV file to all members of the existing website.

With Brilliant Directories you can choose from a variety of directory themes, you can design and run your website the way you want. E-mail marketing and lead generation tools are also provided to ensure you don’t miss out on potential customers. It also helps to develop SEO friendly web content so that people can find me easily on the internet.

Product details

Brilliant Directories offers an inexpensive all-in-one membership management solution that can simplify all aspects of a member website or association. A complete turnkey solution that provides quick settings and unlimited support for real people. Includes website design, online payment processing, multi-level membership, past finishing monitoring, premium member unique content, and more. Find out how Brilliant Directories can save time and money through free demos.

Brilliant Directories features

Member Management

Associate Management

  • Chapter management
  • Management of the committee
  • Membership fee management
  • Election management
  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising management
  • Employment information board
  • Member community
  • Member directory
  • Member portal
  • Membership management
  • Website management


  • Content Management
  • Content adjustment
  • Discussion / Forum
  • Event management
  • Group management
  • Idea / Crowds sourcing
  • Member directory
  • Member management
  • Social media management
  • Website management

Brilliant Directories integration:

Brilliant Directories can integrate with the following business systems and applications:

  • Infusionsoft
  • Green Olive Tree
  • Softlayer
  • Hub Spot
  • Google
  • PayPal
  • cPanel
  • eWay
  • Stripe
  • Blue Pay
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • ShareaSale
  • Grasshopper
  • iStock
  • SendGrid

How much do the Brilliant directories cost?

Brilliant directories pricing packages:
1. Free trial version
2. Monthly starter / $ 147 per month
3. Monthly power / $ 247 per month
4. Power supply only once / $ 1500

Brilliant Directories offers three enterprise pricing plans that users can choose from. Look at the details and choose the best plan for your business.

Monthly beginner-$ 147 per month (billed annually)

  • Review and rating
  • Article publishing
  • Manufacturer List
  • Advertisement
  • Lead Manager
  • Photo album
  • Event publishing
  • Complete white label site
  • Mobile support web design
  • Design settings
  • Custom logo
  • Simple page builder
  • Drop-down menu builder
  • Auto-Recurring payment
  • Paypal gateway
  • Email template
  • Exclusive logo
  • Homepage search module
  • 1 Administrator account
  • 10,000 member limit
  • 5GB storage
  • 10GB bandwidth / month
  • Website theme
  • DIY setting kit
  • Development tools
  • Newsletter administrator

Monthly Power-$ 247 per month (billed annually)

  • Unlimited administrator account
  • 10GB storage capacity
  • 10GB bandwidth per month
  • Million member limit
  • Perfect website publishing tool pack
  • Perfect design tool pack
  • The perfect financial tool pack
  • Complete plug-in pack
  • Complete management tool pack
  • Complete development toolkit
  • Resource kit for the entire website
  • Full support package

Power One Time-$ 1500 (one-time payment)

This package uses all the Power Power features on a monthly basis and you pay only once.

Customers Positive Reviews:

“Previous websites built by other companies began to separate while trying to charge arms or feet to every comma or whole stop position that programmers need to add. Promised to own the code, but did not change it directly. In the end, all of Google ’s rankings dropped and had no effect. I tried to lose 3 years of effort with all members. After a little research, I am very happy to see all the requirements and discover this wonderful company. First, I wanted to be able to customize the pages of every site. There is nothing about design features. To develop a unique concept, it was necessary to create a new custom page. And this kind of flexibility was necessary to maintain the website properly over time. Secondly, we needed a dedicated support team for the site. The main obsolescence is that the purchased package includes free support and you are not charged separately for every small problem that always occurs. An exception is when major changes that affect the entire system are required. The necessary work is quoted by programmers who do good work. The benefits of an excellent directory are excellent documentation, video tutorials, and webinars Wednesday. See how to manage inside and outside the site. They have nothing. Thank you

“My favourite thing about this product is that video tutorials are easy to support team fast response and can set up a directory with minimal stress.”

“I like the payment function, especially the fact that members can upgrade their plans. I also like the payment process built into the software. Geographic location is also an excellent feature.”

“1. Convenient directory structure. Use the supplier list function and the software system product function. 2. We are continuously developing lead generation modules. 3. Fully developed user training and support system (video, document, community forum).

“Easy to use and clean layout and design. I also prefer to be a standalone product. These features are comprehensive and have great value to the customer.”

“More than 50 dynamic add-ons offer a website similar to multi-billion dollar companies.”

“Brilliant Directories can run your directory business very quickly. There are many templates that you can choose to suit your business needs. There are several ways to customize your site. Everything from colour fonts … I think SEO is friendly not only to administrators but also to other companies whose sites show their business. Looks very professional.”

“Brilliant Directories provides all the necessary features for your directory. You can easily add coupons, photos, videos, blogs, and various membership level options. It is very easy to import and export data.

Negative Reviews:

“Brilliant Directories offers website templates for most business types, ranging from yellow page types, real estate, events and tasks, but runs when there is a website concept that doesn’t fit exactly into the template need to do it. Define some users. You will have to pay an additional fee for this. The learning curve becomes larger as the concept differs from the template. This software has many possibilities, especially if you don’t have coding knowledge like yourself, you can’t really master everything. However, considering the low admission fee and the fact that the template applies to most businesses, the potential for the major software customizations that are required is minimized. After all, creatively, we continue to update the basic structure as a new feature, which reduces the need for user definitions.

“I don’t care that I can’t understand the aspects of software development. I don’t know how to read code and scripts, so there is nothing I want to implement on my site.”

“To make the most of the software as mentioned above, you need too much programming knowledge. We expect future updates to help resolve this issue and make it more user-friendly. It can also be difficult to find where to go for a particular update. The section title is not clear.”

“1. Product function hierarchy cannot be set. 2. There is no product rating and review function. 3. Extremely flexible pricing system depending on other member levels. It is recommended to set up additional payments for all categories and service areas.”

“Using CSV files, category uploads were not working, but the support team and I haven’t yet discussed what is wrong.”

“Some I hate. 1. Brilliant Directories host your website. I wanted to host my server on your site. 2. Some VIP add-on functions were sometimes provided free of charge from the front end. Simple things like social login were free. 4. Business can not create their own category. We create this by the site administrator. It is much better to create business categories and subcategories and add search capabilities. 3. Does not help maintain users. Something like a built-in customer loyalty program will help users revisit them on an ongoing basis.”

“The situation so far looks good. You’ll want to add some documentation and video to BD for those who are hosted by the domain hosting provider and can continue to use the BD mail template system while maintaining their own webmail accounts and more. Many companies can recommend continuing to use their own webmail system with their current hosting provider.