Best SEO expert in Bangladesh to get first page ranking on google


Welcome to my website. I am Main Hasan, SEO freelancer & SEO consultant in Bangladesh.

You are here because you found me online. Turn right? And yes! I’m happy to see you here.

Let me guess. Your search for an SEO expert Bangladesh that brought you to this page. This is exactly what matters in the online world. Ordinary existence makes no sense; Your customers should find you online and this is where I can help you. As an experienced SEO freelancer in Bangladesh, I have helped many companies, small, medium and large, to reach larger dimensions and conquer newer areas by strategically pushing their websites to top positions in search results. In fact, I also help an SEO consultant in Bangladesh by offering highly in-house SEO with highly effective SEO plans.

Why do you need an SEO Expert from Bangladesh?

Unless you appear on the 1st page of popular search engines, you are just one of many thousands of other companies on the internet. Nobody will notice you.

For example, you have a store in a busy market. You may offer the best quality products at the most affordable rates. But your store is not on the side of the road and you stand behind many others along the road that customers pass through. How much will you succeed? Not much. Why? Only if customers are not satisfied with the ones bordering on the road, will they look further and walk all the way to reach your store away from the road. This rarely happens as on the road itself, they can find many or other options. So near to the road means more opportunities to do business. This exact principle also works for the case or SEO. Closer to the top position means more traffic to your website and therefore better sales and profit.

Believe me! It is not impossible or so difficult. As one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, I can tell you that people have a lot of misunderstandings about SEO.

Hire the best SEO expert in Bangladesh

Most business people who reach me are victims. They may have experimented with cheap SEO professionals at freelancing platforms or may have paid substantial amounts to those who claim to be the best SEO companies in ………. In both cases, the results would have been disappointing. I have often wondered why people don’t get results.

When a customer contacts me and asks how I can rank my site at the top of Google, I first explain how things work. I never make impractical promises. If your website appears to be nonsense. I will say it immediately because I do not want to invest in something that has no room to benefit you. In such a case, I will recommend that you change or modify the design and improve the user experience.

SEO can be considered as a relay with 4 participants – business owner, website designer, content writer and SEO expert.

  • An entrepreneur must have a good idea of ​​his company and target group.
  • Website designer must develop the website in accordance with good SEO practices.
  • Content writer must be original, SEO-friendly and attracting content.
  • SEO expert Bangladesh must be a lot, but the first three runners must be well on their lap.

Without a good foundation, no SEO specialist in Bangladesh can work wonders for you. This is something that you must understand. Make sure you have a good design and don’t hesitate to invest in content. These are one-off investments and have a major impact on the conversion ratio. The amount spent can be obtained with a single conversion.

What am I doing for you as an SEO expert in Bangladesh?

This is the most or my customers ask questions. I am a full-time freelancer and SEO expert based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To ensure that my customers are not bothered or run here and there to get the required services, I also have a small team of content writers and website designers with me. So you get comprehensive SEO services in Bangladesh from me.

If you already have a website, I will perform a detailed technical audit and propose the changes. If you have the right people to do it, you might get it done. Otherwise, don’t worry, I can help.

Website audit

I start with a thorough analysis of your website. Links, text code ratio, loading speed and content quality etc. Are just a few to mention. Curative steps are suggested, but if you want me to do that, I will.

Competition analysis

The ranking of a website for a certain keyword depends on the competition it encounters. Using the most advanced tools, I search for the most advantageous keywords for you that can be targeted more effectively.

On-Page SEO

Next phase is onsite optimization. Various activities are carried out on the website itself, including defining tags, writing SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions and doing internal links, etc.

Off-Page SEO

SEO is not just about working on your own site. It also requires that you perform certain strategic activities off-site. I need planning and think of the right things to do with regular frequencies.

Asked Questions regarding SEO Expert Hiring from Bangladesh are Answered here.

How much do SEO services cost?

Although it depends on your business domain and competition, I always remain reasonable and affordable with multiple packages for all types of companies. However, I do not offer my SEO services at very cheap rates because I do my best and getting your results is my dedication instead of pleasing you a few peanuts in the first instance.

How much time do you need to get to the first page?

Again, it depends on multiple factors. Normally, 6-8 months would suffice, but some websites score faster and some may take a few months. Content quality and volume or original text are crucial.

Will my website always stay on top after you have optimized it?

SEO is not a one-off. You have to keep doing it to stay at the top because your competitors will compete for top positions just like you. If you are not active, they naturally pull you down. Good! Regular SEO not only keeps you at the top for some keywords, but you also start to rank well for many other keywords. This means that you get more questions and your business continues to grow.

Is your work in line with the latest updates or Google algorithms?

Yes, I am an SEO freelancer with almost 5 years of experience. I pay close attention to the fluctuations in Google algorithms and continue to upgrade/change my strategies to ensure that my client’s websites are not adversely affected.

Is there a guarantee for results?

I try to fully follow the White Hat SEO techniques to ensure that the results are not only fast but also consistent. What is needed is done from the end to ensure that you achieve maximum ROI.

Do I have to sign a contract with your company?

I do not have such requirements. But if you want to sign legal documents, I have no problems with that.

What kind of results can be expected from the SEO campaign?

In general, you can expect top positions in different search engines and brand awareness is also extended or depends on the package you have chosen.

How can I follow the SEO results and see what happens?

I will send you monthly SEO reports with information about the activities together with the keyword ranking. You also get free tools to follow the daily progress or targeted keywords.