First Page Search Engine Rankings: 12 Facts You Need to Know

First Page Search Engine Rankings

After analyzing the recently 11.8 million Google search results with the help of data partner Ahrefs by Brian Dean, a leading SEO expert identified 12 factors of first page search engine rankings.

And today I’m going to share what he found with you.

12 First Page Search Engine Rankings Factors

  1. Data show that the site’s overall link authority (as measured by Ahref’s domain rating) is strongly correlated with higher rankings.
  2. Pages with many backlinks are above pages with few backlinks. In fact, the 1st place result on Google has an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than the 2nd-10th positions.
  3. Content with a “content grade” (using Clearscope) that performs significantly better than less detailed topics.
  4. There was no correlation between page load speed (as measured by Alexa) and Google ranking on the first page.
  5. Getting backlinks from several different sites seems to be important for SEO. We have found that the number of domains linking to the page is related to ranking.
  6. Most of Google’s title tags correspond exactly or partially to ranked keywords. However, there was essentially no correlation between using keywords in title tags and top rankings on the first page.
  7. Page permissions (as measured by Ahref’s URL rating) are weakly correlated with ranking.
  8. We found that the number of words is evenly distributed in the top 10 results. The average result on Google’s first page contains 1,447 words.
  9. HTML page size is not correlated with ranking. In other words, heavy pages can be ranked as well as light pages.
  10. We found a very small correlation between URL length and ranking. In particular, short URLs usually have less ranking benefits than long URLs.
  11. Our data show that using schema markup does not correlate with top rankings.
  12. Websites with a “site stay time” above average will usually get a higher score on Google. In particular, increasing the time on your site by 3 seconds will help you to rank higher in the search results.

So, consider all the above facts of first page search engine rankings to start your website SEO in 2020.