Search Engine Optimization

An SEO expert or agency can ensure that when consumers perform a search on the internet,

your website is one of the first sites to appear in the search results.

Results-oriented SEO services in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Organic SEO To Open Traffic Floodgates To Your Site


SEO Agency Bangladesh offers search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Wondering what SEO is and how it works? Here is a brief description. SEO is a collection of methods used to get your websites and businesses on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo without paying for ads.


The ideal result of good SEO is that your website content and web pages are on Google’s first page of search terms relevant to your company.


Get the most skilled search engine optimization specialists who will work to direct your website in front of potential customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Bring more traffic to your website using new proven techniques that we can offer

So let's say you are a starting entrepreneur. You started for yourself and set up that important website. It is your digital store. That physical store is no longer necessary. The random person does not have to patronize your store from the street. Nowadays you only need those virtual visitors - people who are interested in buying what you are selling.

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Save time and money
  • Connect with pre-qualified customers

Free SEO Audit

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We Are An SEO Company That Can Get You On The First Page


Here is a simple test for you … try to find your company on Google without entering your company name. If you haven’t invested in SEO (and sometimes, even though you have invested in SEO), you probably won’t be able to.


If you can’t find your business online, do you think your customers can find it?


Your lucky competitor-the company that appears on Google Page 1-is the company that gets the most sales, guaranteed. If you want to be one of them, you can –  you need to find the right SEO company in Bangladesh that can get you there.


The problem is that it is difficult to determine which SEO agency out of the hundreds in Dhaka, Bangladesh alone is the best choice. Before your marketing budget runs out, which of the following can deliver results fast enough to give you a reasonable return on investment (ROI)? And if your SEO investment is unlikely to have a zero ROI, why not just place an ad? Is SEO even worth it?

Is It Right To Focus On Search Engine Optimization?


Internet marketing has many benefits. For the first time in business history, there are many ways to increase visibility, measure results, and reach your goals quickly and affordably.


As an internet marketing agency, we know it is normal for you to feel overwhelmed.


What should we focus on energy and money?


The truth is that for most companies, if you need to choose one, SEO provides consistent results over time.


The facts are as follows. People are looking for what you offer on Google. They want to sell services and get more calls. Google is the place people search for everything today.

Companies that appear on Google Page 1 with the right keywords get the most traction and generate the most revenue compared to their competitors.


In short, yes, search engine optimization is definitely the right thing to focus on. If done right, SEO may be all you need to get all the customers you can handle.

Why do You Need SEO Agency Bangladesh to Do Your SEO Work?

Many people learn SEO and try organic SEO with varying degrees of success. Evidence of their work is their degree of success in achieving consistently high page ranks for their customers.


As with other works, there are basic principles and details. In our experience, you need to know the basics and follow them regularly, but top SEO companies in Bangladesh know that ultimate success lies in methodically attending to the details.


The SEO Consulting Experts at SEO Agency Bangladesh are responsible for all the details to direct customers to your door (business sites) and provide the search engine rank you need to drive sales.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Drive Sales


If SEO is done correctly, you will know immediately. The shop will be packed. The phone keeps ringing. You see consistent sales growth.


Here’s how to make sure your website, which is a step-by-step SEO plan, is optimized for results.

Extensive keyword research by SEO experts


What does keyword research mean?


Keyword research unlocks search terms related to products, services, and target customers. Your potential customers do a search on Google; let’s make sure they see you instead of your competitors.


There’s more to keyword research than you might think. Some keywords (common search terms) attract people at a very early stage of research. Other search terms (specific or targeted keywords) are better suited for prospects who are ready to buy. For example, if you enter “apple” as a search term, Google does not know if the searcher is looking for Apple, a company, or Apple. Therefore, general keywords and broad keywords have no benefit.


Google Keyword Planner is one of the best free keyword research tools that provide such insightful data. However, we do research using many other premium SEO tools. SEO Agency Bangladesh conducts extensive and detailed keyword research to identify the best keywords and phrases to achieve your goals. Large and less competitive gold miners will find gold here! High volume targeted keywords with low competition are where we will find gold!

Deliver what the prospect You wants


Traditionally, SEO has always created content focused on keywords. Now it is much more complicated. You need high-quality content that people actually read. If a web visitor visits your website but is not interested in what they read, they typically click the Back button. This means that:


  1. Wasted money receiving traffic that does not become a paid customer.
  2. Due to the high bounce rate, Google’s ranking is decreasing. Bounce rate is a factor that measures how many of your 100 visitors leave your website in a given amount of time. Conversions and bounce rates are some of the factors that Google uses when choosing whether to give you a page-one spot.


Write content for sale (also called copywriting)


High-quality content is one thing. Copy that makes people take action-something completely different. Experienced copywriters know how to turn keywords and phrases into winning content (content SEO), known as copywriting, designed to take web visitors into action.


How great is it to attract potential customers and makes the sales for you?

How to Recognize a Top SEO Agency in Dhaka Bangladesh?

This is what sets the best SEO company apart from all the newborn SEO agencies that promise you the world.


Goal Setting

Having “more” clients is not a big goal. Getting “more” traffic to your website is not so. Ideally, a professional SEO company should be able to talk to you in a certain number and even help you set specific goals for your business.

For example, you can predict when you will get a higher ranking or exactly how much traffic you will get. The best SEO companies can help you identify your SMART goals. SAMRT goals have five components: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based goals.


SEO Technique

Unlike other SEO companies, specialists at SEO Agency Bangladesh approach SEO from all three angles. Technical SEO that prepares a website for crawling and indexing by Google. On-site SEO (on-page SEO) to improve metadata of your website to indicate to Google that there is relevant content you want to rank for, and off-site SEO (off-page SEO) or website promotion) which link your website to a high-authority platform that indicates to Google that you are a leader in your field. All of this is done behind the scenes in innovative ways, using the latest SEO tools for maximum effectiveness.



We work with only one company per industry in each region. SEO is a marketing approach where competition is important. we can’t all have the top 5 spots on Google. When working with customers to achieve results, we do not work with direct competitors. Most customers like it!


Tools and reports

Most business owners or managers do not understand how to track SEO results, but premium SEO agencies should be able to show you monthly reports on work and progress. As with any part of online marketing, SEO can be improved by measuring it regularly.


Realistic budget / cost

Cheap SEO or cheap marketing is the most expensive. High-quality SEO services require time and consistent effort and require investment. However, when performed correctly, search engine optimization has proven itself to pay for itself and provide the best ROI. If you focus on working with affordable SEO companies, you may not spend much of your hard-earned money upfront, but there’s nothing to show that.


Past experiences and projects

If you are serious about getting results, work only with experienced SEO professionals who can show you the results they have achieved for previous clients. Find out about marketing, SEO rankings, social media promotions, online reputation management and more. See SEO case studies and customer success stories.

Systematic and Unique SEO in Dhaka from SEO Agency Bangladesh

SEO Agency Bangladesh uses a systematic optimization plan (SEO Link Building Bible) developed by SEO experts and consultants. With years of experience, this approach gives the best results to all customers, whether we do local SEO, regional SEO, national SEO or international SEO. The following is an overview of the step-by-step SEO process for all customers.

First overview and site audit

The first thing to check is whether your brand name appears in search, and if ranked, you need to make sure it’s the page you want to appear on Google and other search engines. In relation to:


Your brand name and reviews

Total indexed and actual pages

Use Google Analytics to see popular landing pages and rank

Repeat the same in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Repeat the same test on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.


The important thing is that you need to know how good your site is. And in a world where more and more people are accessing the Internet on their smartphones, they need to know if their sites need to be optimized for each device. .

On-page SEO and page optimization process

This section, known as the on-page SEO or page optimization process, examines what Google and other search engines “see” on your site. If you do these things well, your search terms will be able to appear on Google Page 1 and your site will rank higher. Doing them badly will leave your website forever behind all searches with page rank 4,999!


Check and optimize both meta title tags and meta description tags

These should be small “summaries” of what is on the site or individual blog posts. Must include wording that is the same or very similar to the subject of the post.


Check for important header tags (h1, h2, etc.).

In addition to dividing the content into logical sections, each section should have its own heading related to the content and use the same or very similar terms. And you need to use the formats h1, h2, h3.


Check your content to make sure your important target keywords are spread across locations

“Keywords” need to be re-explained exactly, not just related to the topic of the page or blog. These keywords should be used throughout the content, but not as frequently as the number of “keywords” that Google hates.


Check the URL structure and check for clean URLs

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The website address is a URL, as is the web address linked from the site. These addresses are incorrect, and paid customers will not find the page you want and will not buy products or services. Also, if the URL is not properly executed, Google and other users will punish them by lowering their page rank.


Make sure important pages on your website are linked

First, if your blog posts mention a product or service, your customers should be able to access that product or service with a single click. If connected ideas are linked to crosslinks, Google will also display logically organized websites. Google also gives high rankings to logically connected sites.


Make sure all website content is unique

Google “punishes” duplicate content with low page order. Again, customers get bored.


Make sure your content uses AMP for mobile devices

AMP stands for accelerated mobile page, which speeds up the loading and display of content on mobile devices.

Use CTA or call to action

Regardless of how you create your website, you should ensure that visitors are encouraged to buy or at least connect directly. This is called a “conversion optimization” or “SEO conversion strategy”. This is a call to action and should be used correctly on your website.

The architecture of your website

These are the technical details that only an SEO geek could love. And they are essential for the proper functioning and ranking of your site. We check all of these.


Make sure the site is displayed correctly on all browsers and devices

Check the header navigation and content before the first fold

Make sure footers work properly

Look for broken links

View 404 errors (page not found)

Search for 301 redirects (redirected URLs)

Make sure content in iframes, Flash content, etc. works correctly

And a ton of other SEO geek details

          Website speed (technical SEO)

          As part of a technical SEO, we will first quickly determine how well every part of the site works, and then make the necessary changes to make it work as quickly as possible. These are the first steps.

          Review the loading times of the page
          Make sure caching is turned on for faster loading
          Optimize images
          Minify CSS / HTML
          Provide faster web hosting
          Repeat all this on desktops, laptops and mobile devices

          Accessibility and indexing (technical SEO)

          Search engines such as Google “crawl” the Internet and display all posted material. You need to index your site to appear in search queries. See if your technical SEO is better.

          Check the Robots.txt file
          Cross-browser check
          Check for sitemaps for users and for search engines
          Make sure that SSL is set up and the website is resolved and is using the correct HTTPS URL
          Make sure that Google Analytics is on every page
          Make sure Google Webmaster Tools Code is added and verified

          Social media activities

          More and more people communicate and receive their information via social media. This is where your company should be present. These are the things we do to help you win the battle for social media coverage.

          Create 5 business social profiles for branding and online visibility
          Create 5 relevant profile images and cover images for social media accounts
          Set up and verify Google My Business (GMB)
          Set up and verify Facebook business page
          Set up and verify Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter page (if necessary)
          Set up LinkedIn company profile
          Set the alignable company profile

          SEO optimization for Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi including all major cities of Bangladesh

          In the SEO world, there are mediocre results, and there are exceptional or top homepage results. Companies that routinely rank in search related to your business on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo are more than just simple SEO. They do advanced SEO! There are two differences between so many different results and finding multiple pages and blog posts on Google’s first page. First of all, you have to work with a proven SEO expert who has the basic knowledge of this industry. Second, the world of SEO optimization deals with those who are focused on the details, because the results are detailed. Contact us today through SEO Agency Bangladesh for an initial overview of your existing site and SEO site audit, or launching a new website. If you are in Dhaka, please contact us for Dhaka SEO. If you are in Chittagong, please contact us for Chittagong SEO.